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Forever Grateful

I came to Suzanne for individual counseling after my very heated divorce. I realized that I was not behaving in a way that was in the best interest of my children. After my sessions with Suzanne, I felt stronger and focused on solving problems instead of creating more. I am forever grateful for Suzanne and her wisdom. I know I was an emotional wreck and Suzanne never gave up on me!

-Alyssa W.

Very Pleased

Suzanne was appointed as the reunification counselor for my granddaughter and her father. I was very pleased that prior to starting reunification sessions, Suzanne met with my granddaughter and listened to her feelings. The process moved at a child friendly speed. The sessions were conveniently scheduled outside of school hours and sometimes in the evenings. We are so thankful for Suzanne and the valuable service she provides. My granddaughter now has a happy and healthy relationship with her father.

-Katherine S.

Making Progress

My parenting plan ordered that my former spouse and I attend mediation prior to us returning to court to resolve parenting plan issues. We selected Suzanne. As soon as we began our sessions, I could feel that we were making progress in what I felt was an impossible situation. Mediation saved me thousands of dollars in legal fees and valuable time. Our issues were fully resolved in two sessions.

-Trevor W.

Resolved Issue

My ex and I went back to court over a disagreement about our son’s soccer involvement. It was the fifth time we had been back to court since our trial. We have spent enough money on legal fees to put our son through college. The court ordered us into co-parenting counseling. After two sessions we resolved the soccer issue and several other issues as well. We are continuing to see Suzanne for several more sessions to improve our communication. I only wish we had done this earlier and had saved a lot of money and heartache.

Clint C.