A divorce can be a messy, stressful situation, but more so when there are children involved. While your relationship with your once significant other may be over, children create a unique situation where you will have a lifetime of experiences to navigate. The first day of school, driver’s licenses, prom, graduation, weddings – there are a lot of instances where the child and both parents need to be able to attend and get along. At Child Custody Resolutions we provide a variety of services including family dispute resolution, counseling services, and co-parent counseling. Learning how to co-parent amicably is not only beneficial for yourself, but also your child’s wellbeing and happiness. Enroll in our high conflict co-parenting course or keep reading to learn more on how to effectively co-parent.

Clear Communication

A lot of frustration stems from a lack of communication or miscommunication. Many relationships may have fallen victim to divorce due to the parties not knowing how to effectively communicate their wants and needs. Beginning your co-parenting journey with open and clear communication is key to understanding one another’s expectations and keeping your little one(s) safe and happy. One of the most important things you can do to ensure communication is taking place is to create a co-parenting plan to get both parties involved and on the same page.

Know Your Boundaries

Knowing and understanding your boundaries as well as your co-parenting partner’s boundaries can help keep things amicable. For example, you or your ex may become involved in a new relationship. Having boundaries in place can help provide expectations as well as keep the other party from making speculations. The goal of the co-parenting relationship is to provide your child with a healthy environment to grow up in where both parents can participate.

Stay Kid Focused

Keeping your priorities focused on what is best for your child is a key perspective to take into consideration. While you may not want to share custody with your ex-partner, it may be beneficial for your child to have that relationship. When you put aside your feelings and focus on the child, healing and understanding begin, creating a healthy path for a co-parenting relationship to blossom.

Be a Good Listener

Along with communication, listening is very important to co-parenting success. While you can talk all you want if you are not actively listening to your co-parenting partner you are creating an opportunity for frustration and anger to emerge. Even if you end up disagreeing, you will feel like you can clearly state your objection to the topic at hand and feel like your opinion will be taken into consideration.

Divorce is hard, but it is only the beginning. Child Custody Resolutions provide your family with the tools necessary to live a happy, healthy life. We provide a safe environment for both parents and children to express their feelings about the divorce to be able to move forward past the disruption. Our high conflict co-parenting course provides parents with a parenting class to learn how their roles are evolving into a co-parenting relationship to benefit the child’s wellbeing. Our courses are available online and through Zoom to get you the help you need when you need it. Enroll today!