Suzanne Dircks M.A., LMHC, Certified Family Mediator

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The office of Suzanne Dircks is located in Downtown Tacoma. (Pierce County Washington)
Suzanne Dircks’ Qualifications and Background

Suzanne has worked with families and children in crisis for over 32 years. She has worked with thousands of families involved in divorce and child custody disputes as a mediator, counselor and Guardian Ad Litem/parenting investigator.

Suzanne Dircks co-authored the books What Children of Divorce Really Need  and instructed the court required class of the same name.

She also co-authored the book Navigating Your Custody Battles without destroying the Kids and has served as an instructor and mentor of Guardians Ad Litem.

Creating a Healthy Outcome

for Your Child’s Future


Please call [253] 2756-5421 now for a free 15 minute phone consultation to see if your case is appropriate for this process.


Supervised Visitations – Kate Lee

  •   Supervised Visitation
  •   Monitored Visitation
  •   Observational Visitation
  •   Legal Document Preparations
  •   Case Management

    More information about supervised visitations

  • Child Custody Mediation

    The Collaborative approach to resolving custody and visitation issues without Attorneys

    The Benefits:

    • KEEPS CHILDREN OUT OF CONFLICT vs. Involving children in adult issues
    • ENCOURAGES COOPERATION vs. A win-lose focus
    • SOLVES PROBLEMS vs. Creating problems
    • INDIVIDUAL PARENTING PLAN vs. Imposing an unworkable Parenting Plan on the parties
    • ONE TO FOUR WEEK PROCESS vs. Months of time consuming investigation and delays
    • KEEPS PARENTS OUT OF COURT vs. Expensive litigation which can result in thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees
    • DEVELOPS TRUST BETWEEN THE PARTIES vs. Suspicion and increased conflict
    • CHILD FOCUSED vs. Parent focused


    Child Custody mediation in a non-threatening atmosphere out of the judicial arena. Focus is on the child’s best interest and stability due to divorce, separation, 3rd party custody actions or other issues of custody.

    Additional and Supporting Services